An Introduction.

My name is Jamie Reynolds,

I’m a 21 year old female from the south coast, currently studying a Bachelor of communication and media, majoring in journalism and professional writing.
I completed a diploma of the same course a year ago so i’m also studying second year subjects, although it’s my first actual year at UOW’s campus.

A lot of people want to be writers, they want to develop a voice and change lives, influence people in a way that let’s that voice be heard, not just for themselves but for others too. I’m no different.
A mentor of mine once told me that journalists play a bigger role than we realised, we pick and choose everything people see and hear and that shapes them into the people that they are or will be; based on the opinions they create, formed by the information they are given, by us. (It goes full circle)
It’s a strange thing to think that you can influence so many people you don’t (and probably will never) know.
It seems a dangerous tool in the wrong hands, but an excellent opportunity for change in the right ones, which is why it appeals so much to me.

That’s basically why i’m so interested in journalism, to make a difference, create change and help introduce new and thought provoking ideas.


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