Social media platforms are interesting to research because they bridge between the story world and the real world (Transmedia and Crossmedia Convergence in a Connected World, 2014).
I was originally thinking of usingTumblr (being an avid user of the site myself) but honestly i wouldn’t have any idea where to start. It is most certainly personal and definitely has a lot of story and real world themes, but theres something too personal about it, i use it often enough to kind of want to leave it alone.

Instead i opted for Youtube, one of the most successful and fascinating social media platforms i know. Being as vast as it is, the possibilities are endless, and the smart people realised this before the rest of us and jumped on that wagon while it was leaving and moving towards the ‘V’s’, viral videos, vines and vlogs.
There’s something addictive about planting yourself on your bed and watching other people’s lives to escape the mundane existence of your own. Even though television provides plenty of opportunity to do the same, youtube provides you with real life, every day people, so you know that somebody even as ordinary as yourself can maybe becoming interesting to others, and then maybe eventually, to yourself.

I’m looking forward to researching this more extensively!





Transmedia and Crossmedia Convergence in a Connected World 2014. Media Platforms.
viewed on 5 March 2014


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