Media in any form is a distraction from the real world

Smart phones, high-speed internet and a variety of different social media platforms are still relatively new to us.  
Six years ago i had no idea what a smart phone was, and to communicate instantly the only option was MSN (messenger) or if you were patient, email. As we’ve pooled together our innovative resources, we’ve managed to progress into a kind of technological revolution, where the rate of technological and media advancement has soared significantly.

Don’t get me wrong, i’m a huge apple fan and i can say with absolute confidence that i would be lost without my iPhone or Macbook, but to reflect on that sentence, it’s also something i can say that i’m not at all proud of. New ‘apps’ and media platforms are being created every day, which may be an ideal way to ‘meet’ new people and connect internationally, but it steers us from the actual human experience.
So even though the choice is ours to pull ourselves away from the alluring attraction of the television or computer screen, social media and media in general is driving a wedge between the relationships humans have been making since the beginning of time. Connection is an important part of any relationship, and when there is nobody there to connect to (personally), how can these bonds still be made, or at the very least be the same? 

I can proudly boast near 1000 internet friends, but if i had to count my real friends, i would not come anywhere close to that number. All i know about 999 of my 1000 friends is their occupation, their gender and what they do on weekends. 


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