Youtube for Kids


We all know that Youtube is no place for children, giving easy access to controversial images and videos it’s enough to distort the minds of minors at an early age, and give an adult impression before they are mature enough to understand that what they are watching is considered ‘adult content’, and not created for the eyes and ears of juveniles. 

NDTV Gadgets, 2014 wrote that Youtube is reportedly building a dedicated kids section, that will only include child-oriented content. “The Google-owned company is developing a dedicated kids version of YouTube that will filter videos and comments not appropriate for children.”
The information, an online subscription publication, exclusively published an article claiming that “Google’s online video destination is now developing a version of the site for kids under 10 that would ‘wall off racier videos and comments’ and be deemed a safe place by parents” (The Information, 2014).

This would of course benefit the media platform profoundly, as it would be opening up it’s content to even younger audiences and by doing so, increasing the number of users and subscribers. If the new expansion were to hit off, so would the profit from the applications created to view the media through other mediums.
“The site would be free of videos and comments that adults usually want to shield their children of. The special app could work on multiple devices, just like YouTube, but it would only include kid-safe content.” (Vatu, 2014).

Although the idea certainly seems like an appealing one, all resources report that it is just simply that for now, ‘an idea’.
“The product isn’t anywhere close to being launched, however, and how exactly it will work can is still very much up in the air.”(Protalinski, 2014).





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