Youtube, who profits the most?

Youtube is the ultimate example of media convergence, because it demonstrates the ability to relay content from both professionals and amateurs.
Although the users of the platform (the uploaders) who contribute to it’s content do act as gateways that decided what we see, the power is still held in the hands of the conglomerates.

Youtube is owned by American multinational corporation Google, and most of their profits are derived from AdWords, Google’s advertisement network. So even if you upload your own content, it reserves the right to place advertisements on your videos, controlling what the viewers see, and profiting from your work.

“Some fear that media is out of control; others that it is too controlled”.
Jenkins says that there has been an alarming concentration on the ownership of mainstream commercial media, with only a handful of media conglomerates dominating all sectors of the entertainment industry, this is evident in Google’s ownership of Youtube and the advertisements it places on Youtube’s videos through their companies. He also points out how all gatekeepers get partial credit, which is further proof that no matter what you are uploading to the platform, you aren’t the only one benefiting from it’s content.



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