Citizen Tube.


What was once the domain of professional documentary makers and news journalists, has now evolved into a mass global platform formed by ordinary Men and Women. YouTube has long been known as a dominant amateur video platform, broadcasting the creators as consumers, and consumers as creators. Behind the content are average, everyday citizens, sharing and uploading information from all parts of the world with often no more than a mobile phone or second-rate video camera.

In 2007, YouTube users saw the potential of broadcasting themselves as self-declared journalists, and launched a video web blog known as Citizen Tube. Here, citizens from all over the world share their first-hand experiences with news as it happens, and has emerged as one of the best places to go to see raw, live footage. Major news corporations were not blind to the potential that YouTube offered in regards to original content, and teamed together with Citizen Tube to launch a new platform to gateway the content between the public and the media, this is known as YouTube Direct.

The social media platform has undoubtedly revolutionised the way we see news, instead of relying on the media for footage and facts, we rely on each other for the truth. Although there is one down side to YouTube news sharing, “Giving credit for videos can get blurry, a problem stemming from a lack of clear ethical guidelines”.


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