Produsage and YouTube.

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Produsage is defined by Axel Bruns as “a collaborative and continuous building and extension of existing content in pursuit of further improvement”. In today’s modern media society, the producer and the consumer converge together to create or change the material they are looking for, YouTube is an excellent example of how produsage and consumerism have merged, which can be further explained through Brun’s four key characteristics.


  1. Organisational Shift:
    “A shift from dedicated individuals and teams as producers to a broader-based, distributed generation of content by a wide community of participants”. YouTube created the shift from professionally produced television programs, to amateur-orchestrated videos that allowed the general public to create and distribute their own content.
  2. Fluid Movement:
    YouTube demonstrates how we as users consume the very content that we produce, for example It’s constant stream of music videos, users are able to view, import, change and re-upload these videos as their own content, share them across the platform, and enable them to be viewed, imported, changed and re-uploaded all over again to any consumer with access to a computer and a video camera or mobile phone.
  3. Un-finished:
    Content uploaded to YouTube is always open to interpretation to it’s consumers, and so with the ease of access to editing and video technology, users are able to distort this content and create entirely new ones. There is no limit to the platforms capacity in terms of video storage, this infinite capability to store exemplifies the possibilities of the platform, rendering it unfinished.
  4. Permissive:
    YouTube is an excellent example of this key factor as once uploaded to the platform, your content is open to distortion and redistribution. Although YouTube has copyright infringement laws that are supposed to protect the user’s original video’s, red flags slip through the filtration process, consumers upload altered versions of originals as their own, and this process is a continuous cycle.




Bruns, Axel (2007) Produsage: Towards a Broader Framework for User-Led Content
Creation, In Proceedings Creativity & Cognition 6, Washington, DC.


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