Transmedia narratives on YouTube.

Youtube is very capable of contributing successfully to various forms of transmedia narratives, as the media platform was built around the access and sharing of multiple contents to millions of users worldwide. Using YouTubes video hosting service, the platform allows user generated parodies to exist on almost any website, circulating and promoting on the internet, gaining easy access to a wide range of audiences. Consumers and producers alike are capable of distorting or creating their own form of narrative and uploading it into the public sphere, where it then proceeds to be seen, distorted again and then re-distributed.

Take for example the production of online parody’s such as Toasty.Tv’s “House of Thrones”, which expands on the television series “Game of Thrones” in a comedic way, outlining the subject content and commenting on and adapting the characters. Through this process, users are  able to extend on the original understanding of the information, and gain a broader perspective.

Henry Jenkins labels fan fiction as an “unauthorized expansion of  media franchises into new directions, which reflect the reader’s desire to “fill in the gaps“, which is exactly what these parodies or “fan fiction” narratives succeed in doing through the use of transmediality.



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