For most of my life i’ve lived in the same place, it’s only until recently i moved up to Wollongong to study and become a journalist, which i think is something i’ve wanted for as long as i can remember.

I’ve always felt like there was something wrong with the world, nothing i ever heard or read seemed to fit everything that everyone else was saying. I’d see snippets of information about terrorism, wars and famine and it puzzled me that i never saw any of this being broadcasted where it really mattered, where people could see.

I learnt very quickly that everybody did know, they just didn’t want to or didn’t care, which is when i decided that i wanted to be one of the people who did, and make sure that everybody everywhere knew that they should too.

I want to shoulder the responsibility that is associated with Journalism, and do it properly, instead of modernising everything to the point where everything is either inaccurate, censored or filtered to fit desired outcomes.

My most prevalent media spaces are YouTube and Tumblr, which is pretty ordinary and nothing special but also a major part of my day/outlet.


I’m 21, a dedicated feminist, vegetarian and book lover, in my first year of studies and also cats, cats and more cats.


xoxo Jamie Reynolds.