Television Interview.

“I can still picture it in my head, even after all of this time” Says 44 year old mother of five, Maryanne Spresser.
“Our television set was in the corner of the lounge-room against the wall, I remember I used to sit on the floor and sometimes a beanbag, because I was the youngest it meant that I wasn’t allowed on the lounge, my older siblings always got priority.”

Reminiscing about her favourite shows as a child, Maryanne talks about how her absolute favourite was ‘Little house on the prairie’.
“Gilligans Island, Hogans Heroes and saturday morning cartoons, those were really the extent of my TV education” She laughs.
“I remember watching Looney Tunes on ABC (we only had two channels, including WIN), watching Road Runner, Porky Pig and Archie and Veronica.”
Ms Spresser talks about how different television programs are now compared to when she was young – 
“The quality of cartoons has changed so dramatically, I mean we had violence back then, but we never considered them violent (If that makes sense).”

“Our Television sets were so different”, She reflects as she glances at her modern LCD.
“We had ours in a big wooden box, with large round knobs on the outside, these of course were the dials because there were no remotes back then (laughs), there was also a large metal aerial on top of the set, nothing like you’d see today.”

Watching her children stare fixedly at the current TV in her own lounge-room, Ms Spresser describes how hard it is to explain how much things have changed.
“I mean look at children now, they spend hours in front of the Television, sometimes I honestly think I’d prefer how it was back then to now. We weren’t really allowed to watch it much like today, we were always outside running around and being active.”

When asked about the differences that stood out the most, Ms Spresser took a moment to think and responded with;
“I’d say the biggest change is obviously the diversity in channels, there are so many more choices now, and even the colour. For the first few years of my life we never had a colour Television, but I remember later we were the first ones in our neighbourhood to get one, everybody was jealous”.

“It’s so strange reflecting back on it now because TV was so much more innocent back then you know? More family oriented. The Quality was awful compared to now, but I think out shows were so much better. I don’t know, it’s a two way thought process really, the shows nowadays such so much”.



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