A Night At The Movies

Planning a night at the movies always has it’s obstacles, choosing the right people, the right time, the right place and the right film to watch, everybody has to be in collective agreement about all of these conditions.

I chose three of my close friends, regular movie nights have always been a thing for us, so it was the easiest decision for me. Completely disregarding how tedious it is when involving two males who have indecisive tendencies, we all calibrated over Facebook, shooting session times and of course the most important decision of all; what movie we were going to see.

My female friend had no problems with either, stating that as long as the rest of us could agree on something, she would be happy to participate.
We finally settled on Guardians Of The Galaxy, and I was to wait at home while the other three got ready and came past to pick me up (my biggest obstacle being that I don’t drive), which thankfully overcame the capability of me attending.
The screening time was at 6:45 at the Nowra Roxy Cinema Complex, and as 6:40 rolled around with still no car in my driveway (and no attempt at communication to state otherwise), I was starting to worry that our plans might not even be going ahead (coupling possibility was slowly diminishing).

At 7:03 I heard the familiar rumble of the ridiculously loud black car and opened the passenger door to find that there were only two of them, not three.
“You know we’ve already missed the movie by 15 minutes right? You’re lucky they show ads at the beginning” I said, shaking my head.
“Well actually, we changed our mind” Said one of my male friends.
“We were going to see Guardians of the Galaxy, but then we switched to Spider Man 2, Jaymi got mad that we changed our minds at the last second so she stayed home”

“So, what are we watching then?” I replied.
“Oh, we’re watching Lucy now, it starts in ten, better hop in”.
Atleast I knew they hadn’t forgotten about me after all, and that I was still more than welcome to join in the poorly planned activity.

We all paid for our own tickets and did enjoy the movie collectively, sitting about half-way down the theatre all next to each other. Although it goes to show that no matter how prepared you think you are for a movie night out, there’s always atleast one person who has to make it difficult.

Cinema attendance is already waning from what it used to be compared to how I remember as a child, while I was lucky enough to be going with people who wanted to go regardless of the planning, these obstacles might be considered too tedious for other people. I think most would just prefer to stay home or download their own version without having to really make any effort, spend any money or worry about how they’re going to be getting there and back at the end of the night.


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